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wow! this was a difficult piece to make.  for many years I strive to work in a simple way, with the least  number of lines to to make my art.  but when I returned to this place after 6 years the area is different, wider and more open.  This is below Corn Hill, a tidal estuary on the bay side of Truro, on Cape Cod.  I make  these works when the tide is out and I use materials like I used before many times...but the drawing is different and I like to use reflection in my art.  The marks in the sand from the water currents showed me two area before it went in to the main stream, so my work had to be in two parts but connected.  I laid it out in an afternoon and finished it in the morning two tides later.  Oh the name of the river is Little Pamet, so I named the work PAMET TIDE TRACING.  The work was completed August 12, 2011 as I raised the line with the tide to make it level.  I brought the phragmites reeds to the site from where they grow up the river a bit.  I bound it with jute and I estimate it measures 70 X 30 feet in size and the reeds are about eight feet high.   I have an image of the work when there was no water...

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