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Wind from the plateau - Dedicated to the gift of Genghis Khan, 2012 2nd Land Art Mongolia Biennial – LAM 360°(Mongolia - Ulan Bator Mongolian morden art gallery), 55m x 10m Attachment
2013, Landing--Wind From The Plateau, Group Exhibition: 2013 Sea Art Festival 2013 ( Korea Songdo Beach /Busan, South ), 30m x 11.2m x 1.6m Attachment
2011, Disguise, Branches, h-400 2nd International Art Passage in the spa gardens of Bad Schlema, Germany Attachment
2011, Rainbow, Poles, reeds, h-400, 4 International Reeds Sculpture Symposium, Juodkrantė, Lithuania. Attachment
2012, Egg-Shelter, Branches, 3x3x6m, Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival “Migratory bird”, Taiwan Attachment
2013 Visser Disseminate the Seeds of Change Guandu Nature Park Taiwan Attachment
2013.Greger Stahlgren. stone baskets. Norway Attachment
2013.Greger Stahlgren. Finland Attachment
2012.Greger Stahlgren. Sweden Attachment
2011.Greger Stahlgren. Netherlands Attachment
2011_SCVA / Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts UK 6m×6m Attachment
2013_bambouseraie2_1 / Bambouseraie de Prafrance 3m×3m×7m bamboo Attachment
2013_bambouseraie1_1 / Bambouseraie de Prafrance 2m×2m bamboo Attachment
2012_Clermont-Ferrand / September Lecoq Park Clermont-Ferrand France 2m×2m×2m Attachment
2013_Karl Chilcott_KCGreenSun Attachment
2013_Karl Chilcott_KCBones Circle Attachment
2013_Karl Chilcott_KCSitting Stones Attachment
2013_Cyryl Zakrzewski Attachment
2013_Cyryl_Zakrzewski_Destiny Attachment
2013_Cyryl_Zakrzewski_Destiny Attachment
2013,-Cyryl-Zakrzewski,-Tree,-Karwinskie-Blota---polish-seaside Attachment
2011_Sema OKAN TOPAÇ - SLAMA - Medunarodni land art festival- LUG-BARANJA- CROATIA Attachment
2011_Sema Okan Topaç, “creating orbit”, İskenderun-Hatay / TURKEY Attachment
2011_Sema Okan Topaç, “find the location”, İskenderun-Hatay / TURKEY Attachment
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