2012 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival 
Migratory Bird

Proposal Collection


Deadline for proposal submission is July 5th, 2012.

Announcement of Final Selected Artists: 2012/Jul/15

Selected Artists’ Stay Period: 2012/Aug/30 (Arrive in Taiwan ) - 2012/Sep/16 (Depart from Taiwan )




The region of Guandu is at the border between water and land, where always attracts varied migratory birds coming and resting. Birds are very sensitive to any changes in natural environment. Amount of birds would decrease or even vanish when pollutant environment is against their lives. Wetland in Guandu is preserved hardly in order to provide a great shelter with security and abundant food to welcome migratory birds’ long-distance traveling. To migratory birds, wetland in Guandu is like a Michelin three-star restaurant offering many kinds of fresh ingredients, such as fiddler crab, mudskipper, fish, shrimp, shellfish, etc. The comfortable grassy marsh, swamp, and pond are also felt like to stay in a five-star hotel. However, “wetland” in human being’s eyes is a muddy and poor land. Following on urban development, wetland is getting smaller and smaller. Modern constructions and factories have extended and replaced most area of wetland.

Five artists around the world will finally be selected to create their own artworks for 2012 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival. Each selected artist will cooperate with local residents, students, and volunteers to complete his/her natural creation associated with the theme of “Migratory Bird”. Thus, “Migratory Birds” comes up for the Festival theme this year. We would like to encourage human being through birds’ eyes to see enrichment of wetland and also to appreciate intangible value of natural environment. It is helpful for human being not only to make a proper choice while they are using natural resource but also to give an opportunity to their next generations appreciating sustainability of the land.

We truly welcome artists sharing any of their innovative creativities or interesting concepts with local residents, students, volunteers, and general public and bring out more interaction to each other. The artists could use simple but impressive techniques to make people access environmental arts. We are looking forward to see people coming to Guandu and surprising that a combination of natural element and art sparkles a new feature of beauty and magic.



How to Apply


1. Description of your proposal for the 2012 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival Migratory Birds, including size of the creation and materials needed. (no longer than one A4 paper; acceptable file format of doc file or pdf file).


2. Description of your intention and experience in working with the locals and students on creating the installation art. Explain how your art work will contribute to raising awareness for migratory birds and the environment. (no longer than one A4 paper, acceptable file format of doc file or pdf file).


3 Draft of your work to be displayed in Guandu Nature Park or community via either sketches or computer graphics. (acceptable file format of jpg file; the file should not exceed 1MG).


4. Six images of similar works you have done. (acceptable file format of jpg files; each file should not exceed 1MG).


5. List and give details of these six images -- title, date of completion, materials used, and venue where they were displayed. (Acceptable file format of doc file or pdf file).


6. Please also send us your English CV, including your academic background and experience, awards and past exhibitions. Be sure your full name, current mailing address, and nationality are indicated correctly on the CV. (Acceptable file format of doc file or pdf file).


Deadline for proposal submission is July 5th, 2012. The proposal can be rendered either in English or Chinese. Please make sure that you have the following documents ready, and email to the following personnel before the deadline.
English contact window: Joy
ce Hung at joyce@wbst.org.tw 
                                          Tel +886-2-2858-7417 ext 230
Chinese contact window: Linda Wu at ann570@wbst.org.tw 
                                          Tel: +886-2-2858-7417 ext 232


We are looking forward to your fantastic ideas and the greatest creations!


Sincerely yours,

Joyce Hung
 Guandu Nature Park
 Marketing/Communication Department
Tel:+886-2-2858-7417 ext 230
Add: 55, Guandu Rd. Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan
E-mail: Joyce@wbst.org.tw


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