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Thomas Neumaier


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The nature is integrated in the globalized commodity stream.

The cycles and rhythms of nature are subjected to human logistics.
Why shouldn’t eyeryone be able to take his piece of nature with him?

Travelling Nature is the continuation of my project Travelling Forest.
Its an absurd play with our social rules and the way to deal with nature products.

We talk about our plants, gardens, parks and landscapes as if they were nature yet they are the result of our interventions
in nature. After all, the last thing we want is a rampant, constantly changing, developing and dying nature

We want a certain state of nature, we want to freece a certain landscape. Let’s go, pick up your piece of nature and take it with you:
travelling nature. We travel with pieces of trees, we take our gardens with us, we create possibilities to transport pieces, parts and
elements of nature, what ever we want.  We can create such objects for single and for groups.
Its also an interactive play with the visitors, who can pick up this objects and start to their trips.




selected exhibition 1998 - 2009:
1998 Arte Sella ‘98, Sella Valsugana, Italy
1998“Twilight“, Art-House Klagenfurt, Austria
1999“Secret of Cross-country course”, Ramsau, Austria
1999“Timesite”, Lusto Forest Museum, Finland
1999“Glacier Blood”, Symposion, Schwarzenstein 3369 m, Italy
2000“Citysights” and „City-Whisper”, Ingolstadt, Germany
2000“DonauART”, Neustadt City, Germany
2000“Twilight“, Reithalle, Ingolstadt, Germany
2001“The River and the Car”, Art Museum Györ, Hungaria
2001“The Mountain burns”, Mannheim / Grünstadt, Germany
2002“Metamorphoses, Biohistoricum, Neuburg a.d. Donau, Germany
2002“1st. Int. Forest Art Path Research” *, Darmstadt, German
2002“Project Losse / River-Art”, EU and Kassel City, 1st Prize, Germany
2002“evolutionary cells”, NGBK workshop finger, Berlin, Germany
2003“Lost Songs-Sirenes”, Medizinhistorical Museum of Charité, Berlin, Germany
2003“Mustard-Mines”, city-Museum Ingolstadt, Germany
2003“Triade”, Artmuseum Ystad, Sweden and Pomeranian Countrymuseum, Greifswald, Germany
2003“Go in the Middle”, Michelstadt, Hessen, Arthall, Darmstadt , Germany
2003 TransitART, Vogelfrei IV., Darmstadt, Germany
2004 Geumgang-Nature Art Biennale 2004, South-Korea
2005“La Fête de Mai”, Brüssel, Belgium / “(Distrust) the Idyll”, Hannover, Germany
2005 "Beggin a proper Donnybrook”, Archibald Arts Gallery, New York, USA
2005“Instead of Paradise”, Darmstadt, Germany
2006“City-Transplants”, City-Gallery, Ingolstadt, Germany
2006“kunstcamping” Eindhoven, Netherland
2007“Tub-Art” Bad Gögging, Germany
2007 sculptures-landscape, Osnabrück, Germany
2007 2nd Exhibition in the Forest of Yokohama, Japan
2007“Landstreichler”, Gallery Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, Austria
2008 "Travelling Forest”, City-Gallery Ingolstadt, Germany
2008“Identity”, Gallery Murska Sobota, Slovenia and Oppole, Polan
2009“Travelling Forest”, Yokohama, Japan
2009“SurVive –Art and Nature Walk”, Natuurkunst Drenthe, Netherland
2009“Y 150 / 150 Annuary Port of Yokohama, Japan
2009 "The PHOTO ALBUM” / City-Inputs, GWG, Ingolstadt, Germany
2010“Flying Objects”, City of Neustadt / Danubia, Germany / “gARTen”, Cultur-Summer 2010, City of Wiesbaden, Germany
2010“Identity”, Kragujevac, Narodni Muzeum, National Museum for Modern Art, BLOK Gallery Belgrad
2011“Proto-Gonzo”, Residency at I-Park, Foundation East Haddam, USA
2011“Dorpsgezichten - Village Faces”, Foundation NatureArtDrenthe, Netherland
2011“Rationalism of landscape-painting”, Museum Pflegschloss and Lenbach-Museum, Schrobenhausen, Germany

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