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2011.10.25 (23:27:57)

INFINITY was completed on Monday August 8, 2011.  Usually I work and look at what I do and think of an alternative idea for the next piece.  There are come concepts that fit my art like an oval that relates to the shape of the bay site of the work that I have used a number of times.  When the work went down after the rain and wind storm, I returned to re-make the piece, but I never like to re-make but do another....So I pulled out the oval and only used the interesting shape [to me] the almost infinity shape.  I replaced the vertical phragmites reeds and reset the bound band back into position and it was ready when the tide came in in the afternoon.  It is 58 X 19 feet size and  8 foot high.  This was a glorious afternoon when all of the elements of the earth [life] came together, the sun light was golden, it was calm and warm, and we had a small vernissage of red wine with a Canadian family at my work as the tide came in and eventually going past the horizontal line under water.  I was very excited when the architect brought out his i-phone with the new stitch application to take this photograph. 

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 Adri A.C. de Fluiter
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 Adri A.C. de Fluiter
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 Adri A.C. de Fluiter
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